Project R.E.A.C.H.

React · Educate · Action · Care · Hope

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A week-long effort comprised of over five separate events working across all areas of our homeless population for men, women, children, and veterans.  In 2018, 1,728 homeless people were directly helped. We utilized 154 volunteers and 22 homeless people were placed in job positions.  Additionally, we sold event t-shirts which generated enough funds to provide 9,000 snack bags (HelpSnackz) to our displaced children in our community.

Fill Backpacks

Helping bring relief to our homeless community.  In one day we assemble over 700 backpacks with hygiene, dental, and personal care products.

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M.O.G.O. (Make One Give One)

Helping school youth assemble food bags from donated items to take home, and with their families, give a food bag to someone on the street that is in need.

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Comfort and Care in the Fall

Providing services that our homeless community has difficulty getting such as hair washes, haircuts, a prayer corner, job opportunities, food, backpack care emergency package and other services will be available.

help-homeless engagement lift partnership-help-reach-homeless-awarness-care-comfort

Veterans Social Sunday

Spending an afternoon with homeless veterans.  There will be a cookout, games, prizes and a lot of interaction with our veterans.

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